Creating Drama and Feeling with a Tiled Bed Wall

ONE OF THE EASIEST WAYS TO CREATE DRAMA in a bedroom is to accent the bed wall. Typically this is done with a contrasting paint color, wallpaper or architecture detail - but another impactful and functional idea is to apply tile. Endless tile options are available that can be applied to enhance a wide range of desired... Continue Reading →


The Many Facets of Paint

ONE OF THE MOST FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS we receive by clients and contractors is, “What should the paint finish be?” It can be quite overwhelming when walking into the paint store and being presented with four or more finish options! Below we will go through the four basic paint finish options, and also review a few... Continue Reading →

A Bright Idea

PURCHASING LIGHT BULBS USED TO BE SIMPLE, but then again, the same goes for your morning coffee order... No longer will you find the hardware store shelves stocked with the 100 – 75 – 50 watt incandescent bulbs (which we all know and love) and unfortunately for us, real life doesn’t come with a photo... Continue Reading →

What is Old Can Become New!

WORKING WITH A TURN-KEY interior design firm, like Interior Concepts, is a thrilling experience. Our clients get to see their ideas and inspirations go from pictures, fabrics, and drawings on a table to real executed designs with tangible pieces and details that transform your home into entirely new living spaces. We often advise to our... Continue Reading →

Why Hire a Professional Interior Designer?

WHETHER YOU ARE WANTING TO design a single room or an entire home, the process can be quite overwhelming! Engaging the services of a professional interior designer will help you find the best solutions for your home, while working within budget parameters and creating a unique and personalized interiors that reflects your taste and is... Continue Reading →

Market Trends

ON A COOL SUNDAY MORNING, in the last days of April, six Interior Concepts designers gathered together to begin their three-day journey through one of the world’s largest furnishing industry trade shows in the world. Ecstatic and overwhelmed, as I was gliding through a whirlwind of inspiration overload, I found myself captivated by the High Point... Continue Reading →

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